YS INDUSTRy limited

Specilized in material moulding and machining


                                                                                                               Quality Policy

Quality concept
Company to "product quality is enterprise's life" for the purpose, to "product refinement, zero defect" as the goal, while adhering to the "quality first, efficiency-leading, customer first" business philosophy, adhere to innovation, the pursuit of perfection, and constantly beyond the spirit of innovation and dedication to create molds for customers fine. The company has complete production equipment and comply with the advanced laboratory test conditions, the product completely in accordance with customer requirements for production. Complete equipment, perfect technology process beyond the actual product standards, won the customer's high praise!

HR Management
To promote those who possess intelligence and virtue; to train righteous people with virtue but without intelligence; to be prudential to use the talents without integrity; to make a full use of various strengths of all kinds of talents.

Performance Evaluation
Pay attention to the process, pay more attention to the result; encourage good behaviours, praise  virtues,and reward on achievements.

Responsibility Review
Disciplinary offence should be punished;Recidivation is prohibited; A similar mistake during the work for the first time is forgivable, at the second time needs help to correct it,

but the third time never be permitted.