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Specilized in material moulding and machining


Die-casting   Moulding   

If you have custom metal parts needs, YS can help you. we have maintained the high standards of our engineering team and equipment, consistently delivering strong and durable parts and prototypes. To guarantee legendary quality, we employ a strict die casting process to ensure your custom requirements are met.

Aluminum Alloys

Aluminum die casting alloy is lightweight structural metal mainly containing silicon, copper, magnesium, iron, manganese, and zinc. Commonly used Aluminum alloys:A380, A360, A390. A413, ADC-12, ADC-1

Zinc Alloys

The main elements added to zinc die casting alloy are aluminum, copper and magnesium. Commonly used Zinc alloys:Zamak-2, Zamak-3, Zamak-5, Zamak-7, ZA-8, ZA-12, ZA-27

Magnesium Alloys

The main alloying elements of Magnesium die casting alloy are aluminum, zinc, manganese, cerium, thorium and a small amount of zirconium or cadmium.Commonly used Magnesium alloys:AZ91D, AM60B, AS41B